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Earl James

Managing Director

Earl stands as the visionary force behind Northball Athletics, serving as our Director and Founder with a burning passion for empowering children to realize their full potential. His dedication to building teams that drive positive change echoes throughout every aspect of our organization.

Driven by a profound desire to instill purpose and meaning in the lives of young athletes, Earl is committed to providing life-changing experiences that foster confidence and promote holistic health. He envisions sports as a catalyst for healing and connection within families, viewing each game as an opportunity to strengthen bonds and cultivate unity.

As an entrepreneur and visionary leader, Earl’s influence extends beyond Northball Athletics. His leadership spans various organizations, including his role as the co-founder of Hoops Haven, where his mission to leave a lasting impact and inspire individuals to discover a higher purpose in life is realized.

Approachable and open-hearted, Earl welcomes engaging conversations with all who cross his path. Don’t hesitate to strike up a chat with him during your visit—he thrives on meaningful interactions and is always eager to connect with others.


Deon Williams

Head Coach

Deon embodies the spirit of leadership and mentorship as the Head Coach of Northball Athletics. Hailing from Scarborough, Canada, Deon’s upbringing was marked by a lack of guidance and limited access to affordable athletic opportunities. Despite the absence of mentorship from athletic coaches during his youth, Deon’s passion for basketball burned brightly within him, becoming a defining characteristic of his identity.

Driven by his own experiences, Deon felt a deep-seated desire to provide the guidance and opportunities he never had to children and youth facing similar circumstances. As he matured, his love for the game only intensified, fueling his commitment to shaping and guiding the next generation.

At the heart of the “Northball lifestyle,” Coach Deon plays a pivotal role, embodying the program’s five pillar principles both on and off the court. His natural leadership qualities shine through as he dedicates himself to fostering growth and development in those he mentors.

Approachable and warm-hearted, Coach Deon welcomes engagement and interaction with all who visit our program. Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation and connect with him during your time at Northball Athletics.


Iyan Kulendran

Operations Manager

Iyan serves as the Operations Manager at Northball Athletics, bringing with him a unique journey of resilience and transformation. Growing up as a minority in Scarborough, Iyan faced significant challenges, navigating through a tumultuous environment marked by violence, gang affiliation, and legal entanglements. However, a pivotal near-death experience served as a wake-up call, prompting him to reevaluate his life and prioritize the well-being of himself and others.

Determined to break free from his past, Iyan embarked on a journey of self-improvement and community service. He dedicated himself to his studies while simultaneously working on outreach programs for youth and children at the Boys & Girls Club of Toronto. Additionally, he served as a Youth Counselor at The Scott Mission, all while pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a focus on Marketing.

Iyan’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and personal growth. With deep roots in the community and a relatable understanding of the challenges faced by inner-city youth, he serves as an inspiring figure for those seeking positive change. Leveraging his educational background and professional experience in business and marketing, Iyan excels in his role as Operations Manager, seamlessly blending his passion for community service with organizational efficiency.

Approachable and eager to connect, Iyan welcomes conversations and interactions with anyone visiting our program. Don’t hesitate to reach out and engage with him during your time at Northball Athletics.


Nick Williams

Assistant Coach

Nick serves as our dedicated Assistant Coach, bringing a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to nurturing the talents of our young athletes. As the brother of Head Coach Deon, Nick shares the same core principles and values that drive our program forward.

With an impressive 8 years of coaching experience, encompassing both volunteer work and professional roles, Nick has honed his basketball IQ and skills to perfection. He is deeply passionate about fostering growth and development in children and youth, instilling important techniques and principles that lay the foundation for success both on and off the court.

Known for his straightforward and disciplined approach, Nick resonates particularly well with older youth. He holds high standards and believes in a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to training and performance. Nick’s ultimate goal is to see our youth flourish in the realm of college basketball, equipping them with the necessary tools to secure scholarships or compete at a national level.

As a father himself, Nick brings a nurturing presence to the court, guiding our young athletes with care and understanding. Approachable and kind-hearted, he welcomes conversations and interactions with anyone visiting our program. Don’t hesitate to seek out Nick to pick his brain or simply share your thoughts—he’s always ready to lend a listening ear and offer valuable insights.


Kabhilan Bala


Kabhilan serves as our dedicated Medic at Northball Athletics. A graduate from SABA University School of Medicine, Kabhilan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. While awaiting residency placement, he recognized the chance to make a meaningful impact at Northball Athletics, driven by his passion for empowering and nurturing the lives of urban/ suburban children and youth.

Having grown up in underserved neighborhoods with limited opportunities, Kabhilan understands firsthand the importance of perseverance and determination. Motivated by his own experiences, he has achieved remarkable success and is committed to giving back to his family and community. With a deep-seated dedication to the well-being of our Northball kids, Kabhilan strives to be a positive role model and mentor for the children and youth in our programs.

Don’t hesitate to engage with Kabhilan during your visit to our programs. He is always attentive to inquiries, questions, and enjoys fostering connections within our community.


Anabea Williams

Social Media and Branding

Anabea leads our Social Media and Branding team with a passion for empowering children and youth through basketball training. She firmly believes that the lessons learned on the court extend far beyond the game, shaping young minds for success in everyday life.

With a background in expanding small businesses and leveraging social media marketing, Anabea brings valuable expertise to our organization. She specializes in creating engaging and interactive content that amplifies our message and attracts attention to our cause.

Volunteering her time and skills, Anabea plays a crucial role in shaping and branding our foundation. From crafting compelling posts to curating our online presence, she ensures that our message reaches a wide audience and resonates with our community.

Keep an eye out for Anabea’s work on our social media platforms—you might just find yourself in the spotlight as she shares stories of our impact and success.


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What Our Students Say

"My abilities underwent significant development following my training sessions with Coach Deon. His expert instruction on ball handling, shooting techniques, and strategic insights into the game have been invaluable. I have found his coaching to be of the highest quality."

Walcott Wong

"Throughout the duration of my training with Deon, I have gained substantial knowledge and skill in basketball, particularly in areas such as shooting, dribbling, basketball IQ, and athleticism. As a result, my abilities have significantly improved. I am proud to say that with Deon's guidance, I have progressed from being unable to reach the rim to confidently dunking on opponents. He’s a great coach, and I strongly recommend him."

Alijah Sutherland