Supporting Northball

Northball Athletics is a community program provided by the Canadian Community Alliance Network (CCAN – 809867567 RR 0001) a Canadian charity organization.

We love what we do.

Our team is profoundly grateful for the opportunity to offer our program to the Scarborough, ON community. In a community with pressing needs, especially among children and teens, we recognize the importance of providing a supportive environment. Northball serves as a platform for students to engage with coaches, family, and peers while instilling vital values that extend far beyond the basketball court.

Maintaining accessible rates for all our programs is a priority, made possible through subsidies and the generosity of our sponsors. We extend an invitation for you to join us in supporting Northball Athletics through sponsorship. Your contribution directly enables us to sustain our operations and expand our transformative initiatives, starting right here in Scarborough and reaching even further.

Furthermore, please note that tax receipts will be provided by our parent charity foundation, the Canadian Community Alliance Network (CCAN – 809867567 RR 0001).

Have a question?

Reach out to us to ask any questions. Use the form below OR call us at (289) 312-1611.


What Our Students Say

"My abilities underwent significant development following my training sessions with Coach Deon. His expert instruction on ball handling, shooting techniques, and strategic insights into the game have been invaluable. I have found his coaching to be of the highest quality."

Walcott Wong

"Throughout the duration of my training with Deon, I have gained substantial knowledge and skill in basketball, particularly in areas such as shooting, dribbling, basketball IQ, and athleticism. As a result, my abilities have significantly improved. I am proud to say that with Deon's guidance, I have progressed from being unable to reach the rim to confidently dunking on opponents. He’s a great coach, and I strongly recommend him."

Alijah Sutherland